Deep groove ball bearings are bearing the most common type of bearing that is mainly used for pure radial loads, but also can stand radial load while small axial load. Deep groove ball bearing friction coefficient is small, but limiting speed is high. Deep groove ball bearing structure is simple, and manufacturing costs are low, widely used in transmission, instrumentation, motors, household electrical, internal combustion engines, transportation vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery and engineering machinery.

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Most of the cylindrical roller bearings are separable. This make it very convenient to mount and dismount. Cylindrical roller bearings can carry the heavier radial load and are suitable to be used in the condition of high speed. This type of bearings can allow a small angular error between inner axes and outer axes in the range of 2′ ~ 4′. Therefore, it requires higher machining precision on shaft and housing; otherwise, asymmetrical load and stress would be focused at the position of the raceway. However, this situation can be improved by correcting the contacted generatrix of rollers or raceways. According to different rows, cylindrical roller bearings are divided into single row, double-row, and multi-row cylindrical rollers. These differences are also displayed on the design of flange position.

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Spherical roller bearing consists of an outer ring with the spherical raceway and an inner ring with a double-raceway, one or two cages, and one group of spherical rollers. Due to the center of the spherical raceway of the outer ring which is coinciding with the center of the bearing, this makes it have a self-aligning property. This kind of bearing can adjust angular error or deflection caused by the angle of the axle and bearing housing or axle bend. spherical roller bearing has a high load-carrying capacity for radial load and axle load in two directions. It is especially suitable for carrying heavy loads and impact loads, but this type of bearing permits a lower limiting speed. The permissible aligning angle of the spherical roller bearing working in normal conditions is 1° ~2.5°. If bearings of this type have seals, then this function would be reduced.

  • Manufacturing Technology:  Advanced production system guarantees outstanding quality control.

  • Bearings are available with oil groove and holes in the outer ring for ease of re-lubrication. Optional inner ring oil groove and holes are also available.

  • Cage Materials: Available in steel, brass or polyamide for various applications.

  • Special surface treatment increases wear resistance.

Angular ball bearings are also called angular contact radial thrust ball bearings. This type of bearing is particularly suitable for carrying combined loads (radial and axial load) as well as pure axial loads and can be operated at relatively high speeds. The axial load carrying capacity of angular contact ball bearings changes along with dimensions of contact angle. The larger the contact angle, the better the axial load carrying capacity is. The contact angle α is defined as the angle between the line joining the contact points of the ball and the raceways in the radial plane, along which the load is transmitted from one raceway to another, and a line perpendicular to the bearing axis. The allowable angle error of a single row contact ball bearing is limited. The angle errors of the inner ring and outer ring are dependent on radial clearance, bearing dimension, internal structure, and the force or moment acting on bearings. The relationship between those factors is so complicated that an accurate value can’t be provided at present. When the clearance of paired mounting angular contact ball bearings (or double-row angular contact ball bearing), especially of those arranged back to back, is respectively small, οnce angular errors are made between the inner ring and outer ring, balls and cages would carry more additional load, and the bearing life would also be shortened. Any angular error would cause noise. This type of bearings is mainly used in machine spindle, gearbox, reducer, and supercharger, etc.

  • Cages – Available in a range of polyamide, steel and brass cage assemblies.

  • Super Finished Raceways – Specially refined to reduce noise and improve lubricant distribution.

  • High Grade Balls – Smooth and quiet operation even at high speeds.

  • Advanced Grease Technology – Special lubricants can extend grease life and increase performance.

Self-aligning ball bearing has a spherical raceway in the outer ring and a double-raceway in the inner ring. This feature gives the bearings the self-aligning property, which can keep the machine operating well even when angular misalignment of the shaft relative to the housing occurs. Values of permissible misalignment errors of double row self-aligning ball bearings are given in the section “selection of bearing type”. The self-aligning ball bearing is mainly used to carry radial loads and light axial loads, but they can not carry pure axial loads.

  • High grade balls – Smooth and quiet operation even at high speeds

  • Pressed steel and polyamide cages available

  • Advanced Grease Technology – Lubricants that can extend grease life and performance

  • Sealed versions are available

Thrust ball bearings are separable, including a shaft washer (fit with journal), a housing washer (fit with bearing block), a group of steel balls and a cage, this makes it very convenient to fit with a journal and bearing block respectively. thrust ball bearings have different structures and can be divided into single direction thrust ball bearings, double directions thrust ball bearings and angular contact thrust ball bearings.

  • Advanced grease technology – Special lubricants that can extend grease life and performance.

  • Two designs available:  single direction and double direction.

  • High grade balls – Smooth and quiet operation even at high speeds

Most of the thrust roller bearings are separable, which makes it very convenient to mount and dismount. This type of bearings has high rigidity and takes up little space, so it could carry the heavier axial load and a certain amount of impact loads. They are mainly used in applications where the load-carrying capacity of the thrust ball bearing is inadequate. thrust roller bearings are divided into cylindrical roller thrust bearings, taper roller thrust bearings, spherical roller thrust bearings, and needle roller thrust bearings by different structures.

  • Spherical thrust bearings can accommodate misalignment

  • High axial load carrying capacity

Taper roller bearings have tapered cone and cup between which taper rollers are arranged. The extension lines of them intersect at one point of the shaft axis; therefore, pure rolling on the raceway can be achieved. Taper roller bearings are separable. Bearing cone (including roller, cage and inner ring) and cup (outer ring) can be separated, therefore, it can be easily assembled on the bearing journal and bearing block. Taper roller bearings are able to accommodate radial loads, unidirectional axial loads and combined loads of radial and axial. The axial load carrying capacity of taper roller bearings is largely determined by the contact angleα, which corresponds to the raceway angle of the cup, the larger the contact angleα, the higher the axial load carrying capacity is. Generally, taper roller bearings do not allow any angle error, but the surface of roller and raceway can allow 2′~4′ angle error after a special design.

  • Metric and imperial dimensions

  • Material Technology: Hardened high carbon chromium steel

  • Axial loads in both directions when arranged in pairs

  • Small clearance range when bearing pairs are adjusted during mounting

Needle roller bearings have small axial section dimensions, good rigidity and capacity to carry high radial loads, which are suitable for limited radial installing when positions. These are widely applied under the working situation with swing the ng shaft and bearing housing. However, needle roller bearing can only carry a pure radial load, but, can’t prevent the axial displacement between the shaft and bearing housing. In addition, the angle error for inner the axle and outer axle is not allowed.

  • Range includes solid, drawn cup or cage and roller options

Pillow blocks bearings are consisted of pillow blocks bearings and bearing blocks. When put to use, it’s not necessary to design another bearing box, small dimension, simple structure, be able to mount directly on the user’s design position by bolts, convenience in usage. Bearing blocks are the integral structure, has big loading capacity, high stiffness, bearing and bearing blocks can be interchanged, means that one type bearing block can be matched with all types bearing and one type bearing can also be matched with all types bearing blocks. Pillow blocks bearing can work in the condition of two bearing blocks with different shafts, the max automatic adjustment angle can be 2degrees. The radius of pillow blocks bearings use “+” tolerance and are matched with the shaft in a clearance fit. Through jackscrew on the one side of the inner ring, eccentric bushing or adapter sleeves can fix the bearing on the shaft, decrease the accuracy requirements of the shaft, it’s very convenient to mount bearings or replace bearings. Generally, pillow blocks bearings use pre-filled grease and use double sealing. These type bearings are suitable for the dust, muddy water, corrosion media environment, it’s profitable for the user. Pillow blocks bearings are with high rotational accuracy, can re-grease conveniently. Comparing with deep groove ball bearings of the same dimension, its clearance is higher. Due to this reason, temperature difference has a slight influence on its accuracy.

  • Sealing options: Include V-ring seals, labyrinth seals or heavy-duty taconite seals

  • Case end covers available

  • Split plummer block design allows for easy mounting and dismounting of pre-assembled shafts

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